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Museums in Rome

Museums in Rome

There really are countless museums in Rome: some of the best ones are Galleria Borghese, Palazzo Barberini and the Capitoline Museums. Here you can see the greatest masterpieces of all time and the wonderful Roman art pieces such as the statue of Marco Aurelio (Capitoline Museums), Bernini's Apollo Daphne (Galleria Borghese), and Raphael's Fornarina (Palazzo Barberini). There's also other collections, less renown but wonderful nonetheless, that we suggest you visit: the Scuderie del Quirinale, next to the Quirinale palace, which host important temporary exhibitions, De Chirico's house-museum, where the maestro lived and where now you can visit an amazing collection of his works, and the Galleria of Palazzo Colonna, a true gem of the Roman Baroque.

“Rome museums”

are, as you can see, the keywords that make you discover not only the most famous and visited museums of the city, but also the smaller ones, which are nonetheless very important and replete with great art. Most of the time, in Rome, the museums that are off the beaten track offer a unique experience – visiting them without crowds and without rush is just priceless. The last palace we suggest you visit is right next to our hotel in the via Gregoriana: the Casa dei Mostri - Palazzo Zuccari, which hosts the prestigious Hertziana library. Its popular name, “house of the monsters”, comes from the big gaping mouth that encircles the main entrance, built by Federico Zuccari at the end of the 16th century. There's other museums in Rome close to our hotel, easily reachable with a short walk.

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