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Info Privacy

Dear Customer,

In accordance with applicable privacy laws (EU Regulations n. 679, 2016), we would like to take this opportunity to inform you that your personal information will be processed in an ethical and transparent manner, only for lawful purposes, and in a manner that safeguards your privacy and your rights.

In particular, we inform you that the data controller is Hotel Gregoriana of Maria Novella Panier Bagat & C S.n.c., Via Gregoriana, n. 18 – 00187 Rome, which can be contacted at the following e-mail address and data are collected and processed also with the aid of IT equipment for the following purposes:

1) acquire and confirm your booking and provide the services requested to our Hotel. This treatment consists of the collection, registration, organization and storage of data necessary for the performance of the services subject to the contractual relationship between you and our Hotel and requires your consent only if you provide us with specific categories of data, c.d. sensitive, for example regarding your health conditions. This treatment will cease at your departure from our Hotel and the data exclusively pertinent will be deleted within the following 48 hours, without prejudice to justice for the recovery of the claim to be asserted within six months extendable by means of interruptions and for the duration of the procedures law;

2) provide for the obligations provided by the T.U. of the laws of public safety "(Article 109 of the Royal Decree 18.6.1931 No. 773), by means of communication to the Police Headquarters, for purposes of public security, of the personalities of the clients accommodated according to the procedures established by the D.M. January 7, 2013. This treatment, as foreseen by a legal obligation, does not require your consent and, in case of refusal to provide the relevant data, we will not be able to host it in our structure. The data acquired for this purpose are not stored by us, unless you provide us with the consent to the conservation as foreseen in point 4;

3) comply with the administrative requirements of the Regulation on the Contribution of Residence in the city of Rome Capital n.14 / 2016 C.S. as amended by Delib.32 / 2018 of the Capitoline Assembly (articles 5 and 6), for the collection, verification of any exemptions, reporting, checks and checks by the Authority. This treatment, as foreseen by a legal obligation, does not require your consent and the Hotel keeps the data related to it for 5 years from payment or declaration of exemption (art. 5, lett. Regulation Roma Capitale);

4) provide for accounting, tax and tax obligations required by current regulations. For these purposes, the processing is carried out without the need to acquire your consent as complying with legal obligations and our legitimate interest for any probative purposes. The related data are stored by us for 10 years, in accordance with Article 2220 of the Civil Code. and even further in the case of tax assessments;

5) speed up the registration procedures in case of your subsequent stays at our facility. For this purpose, after obtaining your revocable consent at any time, your data will be kept for a maximum period of 3 years, and will be used when you will be our guest again for the purposes referred to in the previous points;

6) provide the service of reception and transfer in the room of messages, communications, telephone calls addressed to you during your stay at our Hotel. For this treatment you need your consent, which you can revoke at any time, and the treatment will cease at its departure anyway;

7) send you our promotional messages and updates on rates and offers. For this purpose, after obtaining your consent, always revocable, your data will be kept for a maximum period of 3 years and will not be disclosed to third parties.

We also wish to inform you that any declaration of consent to the processing you have issued will be stored in our computer files for a period of time corresponding to the data retention period to which the consent refers, for our legitimate interest in proving the lawfulness of the treatment.

Your data will be processed, for the aforementioned purposes, only by our authorized agents and, for the fulfillment of fiscal and accounting, by the persons responsible for the related processing.

We also inform you that you can request us, at any time, access, rectification, limitation, portability or deletion of your data or oppose their processing pursuant to articles 15-21 of EU Regulation no. 679 of 2016 and we will find your request within 30 days of receipt. This information is displayed at the desk of our structure and can be found on our website at

Rome, 21/06/2018